1) “I started with the MARS clinic in October of 2004, after a twenty year addiction to prescription opiates and a short bout with heroin as well.  At one time I had been a normal person, with a college degree in the medical field, a nice family and home, good job, etc. But I sought relief from my seemingly untreatable depression in opiate drugs–and while they seemed to help at first, ultimately they led to the loss of my career, my self worth, my dignity, and even my freedom. I went through 13 treatment programs without lasting success, even though I tried as hard as I could to make it work. I didn’t understand why others seemed to get better, but not me.

Finally, I heard MARS director, Kim Comstock, give a lecture on MMT in a class I was taking, and what she said gave me hope. When I relapsed the next time, I remembered her and went to her clinic. I was afraid I would see dangerous looking people and it would be a scary place for losers who had given up on “real” recovery. Nothing could be further from the truth! The clinic was clean and well kept, the staff friendly and helpful, the nurses kind and caring, and the patients were just normal looking people from all walks of life. Now I really started feeling hopeful!

MMT quickly controlled my cravings and withdrawal symptoms and the staff got me on an adequate dose right away, so that I was able to abstain from all illicit drugs. They offered me counseling and group meetings and were always available to talk. It got so that I looked forward to going in each day to see the friendly faces, and I started feeling better about myself. As I felt better, my self image changed and I started taking care of myself both inside and out.

Now, four years later, I have MARS to thank for my life being completely different. I have a good job, I have a happy family, my legal troubles are all behind me, and I am feeling great! MARS and the staff helped me to believe in myself again–and now, in addition to being a satisfied patient, I am a patient advocate and I work to help others understand how Medication Assisted Treatment works and how to get past the stigma and prejudice and inaccuracies we all hear about methadone and get to the TRUTH! Methadone SAVES lives–it saved mine–and from my extensive work in national patient advocacy, I can definitely say that MARS is one of the best clinics in the country, hands down! They have your back, and they believe in patient dignity and patient empowerment!

Thanks to Kim and the staff at MARS, my life has been returned to me with a bow on it, and it’s the best gift I ever got!”

2) “Methadone has helped me eat regular meals, live a more normal life. I don’t use heroin anymore at all-no cravings anymore. I have gained 20 lbs. and feel great. My kids approve of methadone.”

3) “I also want to thank all the nurses and counselors for all that they do. They are truly our advocates and sincerely care for us to have as normal lives as we possibly can, and I just want to say how much I appreciate everyone at Mars….”

4) “Methadone has helped me in the following ways – I can finally hold a steady job, pay bills, finally honest again. I can recognize myself again. Become a better girlfriend, mother, friend, co founder of a non-profit organization.”

5) “Methadone has changed my life in such a wonderful way that I sometimes can’t really believe it’s true. What ways has it changed my life? Well I’m a happier person. I’m a person my son loves to be around now. And he’s even proud of me. My boyfriend and I have a greater relationship now. No more real arguments. I mean we still get upset with each other but it’s so different. No more screaming and fighting. Just talk real communication. And now we are planning a wedding to happen in June. My relationship with “God” has come back. That’s the real key for me. Its also allowed me to have a bank account, savings account and a drivers licence that is up to date. And the one thing I’ve always wanted to do and said that I would really like to do was go back to school and I had been saying that for at least 10 years. Now I’m in school. I’m so happy that I went back to school. But all of these things would not be possible if I hadn’t started taking Methadone.”